Monday, May 31, 2010

Run, then bike

I had every intention of swimming and then running today, but the fates conspired against that plan. It was hot and muggy at our house, but if I sat on my favorite couch cushion, very still, a delightful cool breeze poured in the window, over the couch, and onto the back of my neck. It took every ounce of willpower I possess to get off the couch at all. But I finally did.

So, we got the tomato plants, various seeds, and a few other plants at the garden center. Once we were back home, we then had to weed and ready the gardens. We finally put the plants in and had everything all rinsed off and put away in the garage by 3:15 p.m. This was just too late for a sensible trip to the lake.

I went for run 3 of week 7, which was good. 5 minute warm-up walk, 25 minute run, 5 minute cool down walk. Since it was the middle of the day, and a holiday to boot, it felt fine to run the route in my neighborhood I used to train in 2008 (when I had a canine running buddy for security). I went the distance I had gone in 08 in the 25 minutes allotted for this week's run. It was too hot to say it felt great, but I am glad I got it in.

Then I quickly filled a water bottle, changed shoes, slapped on my bike helmet, and headed out for a bike ride. I had thought I would do an hour long bike ride, but I was pretty dehydrated from the heat and the run and the gardening prior to all of it. When the foot cramp started I shouldn't have been surprised, probably, but I was. I cut the ride short, after I drained the water bottle, and the cramps did not completely end. I was able to complete a 30 minute ride, and I'm happy about that.

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