Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Last beautiful evening for a while

Tonight, I got my workout in. I picked up a sub on the way out of work, and enjoyed a quick picnic with the kid at the school playground. Then we trotted over to the Mother's Day Art Show, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Then we dashed home, I passed off of the kid, and I drove over to the east side to do Run 3 of Week 5. I did it! 5 minute walk, 20 minute run, 5 minute walk. It felt great, too. The new shoes are not exactly pretty, but they felt really good. Even near the lake it was about 70, and the sun was slowly setting as I ran.

After the run I headed to the pool and swam with the training team. I warmed up with a kickboard for a few laps, and then swam 9 laps. I got brutal leg cramps every time I tried to sprint. I wanted to do some intervals, but the cramps made that imprudent. I had planned to use the kickboard to cool down as well, but I had to get out of the pool to stretch my leg.

The last thing I need to do tonight is take my measurements to see if I can find a tri suit that I could wear throughout the whole race. Last year's equipment worked, but it wasn't exactly pretty, and the team jerseys sound like they're going to be awfully cute!

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