Sunday, May 16, 2010

Finally, a bike workout

May 15 workout

This was a logistical marvel, if I do say so myself. I got to my weight watchers meeting around 7:25 a.m. (for the last 5 minutes - we got a slow start that morning) and then drove out to my mom's house (about 30 minutes west of where I live). My mom and kid visited while I rode my bike for about 45 minutes. Afterward I got freshened up, cut up a bag of oranges and went to watch the second of the 2 baseball games DH was coaching. Whew!

The bike has officially become my least favorite part of this whole affair. I'm either pumping like crazy and up around 85% of my max heart rate or coasting and trying to figure out if I really need to brake and waste any of my effort. I have been hunting around on the internet for practical, basic bike leg tips, but so far, I'm coming up empty. At least my equipment is in good shape.

May 14 workout

I went for the second run of week 6 on Friday. I drove over to the area of town where I feel safe running at dusk and had a nice run. I found that I got my heart rate up in the 80% level only when I was going up hills. Otherwise, I hang out around 60% when I'm running and 35% when I'm walking in between the running legs. The final run of week 6 is 20 minutes of running, with a 5 minute walk to warm up and cool down. I am a bit nervous about how long I can keep my pace at a decent rate, but I'm also excited to see my progress. I know when I started, running 20 minutes straight would have been out of the question, so I am feeling proud of sticking with the program.

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