Monday, May 31, 2010

Swim, then bike

On Saturday (the 29th) I headed out to the lake again. I swam for 30 minutes without a break, and it was wonderful. I swam along the shoreline, and I never got out where the water was over my head. So, at points the weeds were scraping my legs as I swan. My goggles are awesome - I could see big panfish hanging out in the water, watching me approach. Just before I would get within arm's reach, they would dart away. The fish kept me entertained as I swam past neighbors sitting on their docks. It was early enough in the day that there were not a lot of boats out, so I wasn't swimming through too many wakes. I so prefer the lake to the pool!

Then we scooted to watch the final baseball games of DH's season. Don't get excited the way I did - apparently he'll be "supporting" the varsity team throughout the playoffs, and varsity will either have the conference title outright, or have a three-way share on Tuesday -- so he may be MIA until June 14th or so.

After lunch, I put the kid down for a nap (overnight with grandma leaves him short on sleep) and when DH got home from the game, I went out for a bike ride. I rode for an hour. It was hot, and I did not have a route planned in advance. But I did end up riding past some people handing out free juice samples to the crowd walking into the Brewers game, which made me feel like I was in a road race. I also tried riding through a park, and unfortunately came upon some steps rather abruptly. I got my shoes off the clips but then they slipped on the stone step, and I got a couple of massive bruises on my legs. They took a few days to really develop, but they are really ugly now.

One of the downsides to keeping my port in is that it needs to be flushed monthly with heparin, which means that I bruise easily. On days like this, when my legs look like someone's hit me with a sock full of wet sand, I think it's about time to have the port removed. On other days, when I've been sick for 6 weeks and I need an IV-IG transfusion, I consider the port a blessing, because it saves painful arm sticks needed to start an IV in my rolly arm veins. I've already talked myself out of asking to get the port out - ugly bruises are no match to having to have IVs started in the arm, even only a few times a year.

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  1. Ooh rolly arm veins are the worst! I only have one that rolls, and as long as the others are available I point nurses to the good ones. But if I'm getting a lot of sticks, then I get down to that one bad vein... then I'm sad.