Thursday, June 3, 2010

Swim coaching

June 3rd workout

I did the first run of week 8 today after tuck-in. 5 minute warm-up walk, 28 minute run, 5 minute cool-down walk. After the thunderstorm we had yesterday, it is delightfully cool here. I got my heart rate up to about 70% of max for a good portion of the run. I was happy with how relatively easy it was to run for the entire time. I have to say that I am starting to get cranky when I miss/have to put off a run. This is a good change from being cranky just getting my shoes on to go for a run.

June 2nd workout

It was pouring rain, plus thunder and lightning after work, so I did not do a run. I did, however, get to the pool for our 8:45 p.m. swim workout. My team had found a swim coach who offered us his time and expertise for the whole 45 minutes the pool was available. I learned some drills, and I found out that if you do the crawl properly, your torso sort of rolls from side to side. Unfortunately, the crawl is not a stroke I can sustain for very long without triggering arch and calf cramps. But I did learn how to make it a much prettier stroke.

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