Wednesday, June 16, 2010

More group running

I fully intended to do interval training at the squishy track I've heard so much about for my run workout tonight. Unfortunately, the field in the center of the track was full of lacrosse players, and I found that daunting on two counts: 1) I do not relish the thought of being conked in the head by an errant lacrosse ball, and 2) I do not like making a spectacle of myself, and the team(s?) were running drills. As I recall drills, they inevitably leave some number of players standing and waiting for their turn to go, and while the players wait, attention wanders, and the next thing you know, people are speculating about whether to offer emergency assistance to the purple faced 40-year-old woman who is dry heaving over on the track.

So I opted to go on the group run, which ironically had the potential to be a bit more private. I did not go the full three miles, but I did do some interval work, using lightposts as my visual cues. That worked about for about three intervals (sprint one, walk one, sprint two, walk two, sprint three, walk three), and then I started feeling pretty queasy. I jogged the normal pace then, and finally turned around and ran through some thicker grass just to change up how I was using my muscles during the jog. The group started filing past where I was, and then they were all past me. I felt good, and cooled down with a few minutes of walking at the end. We stretched for a bit after, and discussed the weekend's workouts.

I had been planning on doing two swim brick workouts this weekend, and I may still stick with that plan, since I won't be very likely to do any swimming during the week next week. The team is sticking with a brick of biking and running, starting early on Saturday morning. I don't think I'll be able to do the brick and get to my weight watchers meeting (I can choose 7, 8:30 or 10 for the meeting), and I don't want to skip that source of support and ideas. The start time and location of the team brick makes it impossible for me to do both.

To my chagrin, I have been gaining weight through all this training. It's not the muscle weighing more than fat thing. It's the "I worked out, so I am now entitled to eat an entire can of Pringles" thing. Ugh. Anyway, I can use all the help I can get with keeping my eating under control, so I think I'll have to stick with the meeting in the morning, and a workout of swimming around 10:30, followed by a bike. Then on Sunday I can swim and run, with any team members who care to join me. At least that's the plan tonight.


  1. Yes I'm exercising a lot more than I have in the past but I'm gaining weight too. Well not exercising so much as going for long walks every day but that should still count shouldn't it? I saw a few episodes of Jillian's new show and I'm hoping it doesn't take someone like that to get me back in shape after the baby. She scares me. :-) I think I've been eating stuff "as a treat" every day, or multiple times a day, where I think I'm only doing it once and a while "for a treat." Grrr....

  2. Also about the lacrosse thing - yes I can relate! I go into the pool each week with my baby and I'm not happy with the way I look in my pre-baby swimsuit. It's too small I know. But the good thing about doing it "for someone else" is that I don't even see anyone anymore, I'm so used to it. But I would like to be more aggressive about working out and try to do it in the park with the baby but so far I'm too self conscious. Like jumprope or pushups or something while she crawls or swings. I do yoga at home with her so that's a start. There is a stroller strides class but it's plop when she takes her morning nap, but hopefully I'll get the courage to go and do that eventually (it's apparently for people who really, really are fit.)