Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Swim, run and learn

You may have noticed that I missed a few workouts here. I refer you to the post about needing a plan. That the household can get behind. Sigh.

Today was the child's last day of school, and the day ended for him at 11:15 a.m. I picked him up and headed over to watch what turned out to be DH's varsity team's last game of the season. This was an opportunity for the child to learn about perseverance in the face of crummy officiating. Bitter tears were shed.

At which point, I said we needed to go see Grammy. And so we drove out to the house on the lake. We lazed around until Grammy came home from her knitting group, and then we headed out to the dock. DH came out not too much later, and I got to the workout.

I swam for about 25 minutes. I am estimating workout times today, because I did not have my heart rate monitor or watch with me. I swam as far as I did the last time I was out at the lake. The water had a warm layer just on the top, but underneath, it was pretty cold. I tried to float in the warm inch, but my arms and legs were slicing down into murky cold every stroke. I tried to appreciate it, as I knew I would be heading to a run right after.

Which I did. I threw on my old rugby shorts, some sock and running shoes, and cranked up the podcast. I did Run 2 of Week 8. It was a nice run - I went the same distance as I routinely trained the last time, and I ended up back at the house with about 4 minutes to spare. Which has me hoping my pace is good. I want to try a practice run at a track, so I can measure how far I get in 30 minutes.

Then my mom fed me dinner (yay!) and I took off for the triathlon clinic. I feel like I should know what would be covered at a tri clinic, but I wanted a refresher. I also wanted some motivation to get back on a real schedule. I got all that, and a snazzy green tote bag. Plus some training schedule cards for each leg of the race. I'll try to implement a revised schedule in the near future.

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