Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm a need a new pair of socks

April 14th workouts

I got out on the bike, and it was super easy to ride. I didn't mess much with the gears, and the brakes are a little hard to grasp, but it was delightful. I got to the park, and I got a flat tire. I ducked into the Urban Ecology Center, where a lovely young man pumped air into the tire, which promptly hissed out whatever hole I had idiotically managed to put in the tire.

I was wearing my fancy new clip shoes, and I had not moved my flat fixing kit from my old bike to my new bike. I only had $2.00 in my pocket, and bus fare is $2.25. So, I walked back to our house in little sock feet. Good times. I did manage to bring my cell phone with me, so I was able to rally my mom to go pick up my son from school, which was the only thing that kept me from sitting down on a front lawn and crying.

After dinner and tuck-in, I scooted off to go swimming. I had a nice swim with my new training team. My new goggles got a bit foggy, but only when I stopped to chat. I think that I'll give them another workout, where I just swim, before I lose my mind.

On the 14th, I slept until noon, and the rest seems to have done a world of good for the cheek of doom. There is still a little swelling, but it's mostly on the inside now. I do not expect it to interfere further in the training.

April 15th workout

I did Week 4, Run 2 for a second time tonight after tuck-in, since it had been so long since I last went on a run. My run was really nice. I got started too late to go to the indoor track, so I drove over to my old neighborhood and ran a route I remember running in high school. Not as far as I used to go, but it was rather nostalgic.

I was not able to bike, due to the flat tire, which I have to take to the bike shop to have repaired. My flat repair kit for the old bike was not compatible with this one, so I won't be biking until Sunday at the earliest. It would be ironic if the bike turns out to be the toughest leg for me. It's supposed to be the swim, according to what I read in triathlon materials.

I have a planned rest day today, and I'll be swimming and dashing out of town on Saturday, so next post may have to wait until Sunday.

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  1. On the goggles front. I've got a pair I really like. The silicone of today is vastly improved over the rubber of yesteryear. What I was told by the lady at the MLT pool is that you should be able to put the goggles on your face, completely dry, without the strap over your head, and push them over your eyes. They should stick. For at least 10 seconds if not 30. Then they're the right size for your eye sockets.

    And, well, the puffy cheek would probably interfere with proper goggle fit, too. :)