Thursday, April 22, 2010

Biking after dark

Tonight's workout was slated to be a 6 mile bike ride. I'm really going to have to plan ahead if I'm going to be measuring my bike rides in miles, as opposed to time on the bike. I don't think I managed to ride for 6 miles exactly. It was about 40 degrees or so, and dusk when I started to ride. I don't have any lights on the bike, so I stuck to the sidewalk on my way to the local high school track.

I rode about 3 miles around the cement track that circles the practice field. I started out in an easy gear, then in a harder one for most of the ride. My left foot started cramping and contorting just at the end, and my legs were also freezing by the time I decided to pack it in. My flat repair kit is quickly becoming the bane of my bike riding. It was sliding around and I kept having to reattach the velcro straps. I can't for the life of my remember how it attached to my old bike - for all I know I'm strapping it to the wrong part of the bike altogether. Yet another thing to review at the road safety course....

So far, so good with this week's workouts!

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