Thursday, July 1, 2010

Injuries not allowed

July 1st workout

Today I was scheduled to do a 55 minute run, with 20 minutes of intervals. My hip is mostly better, thanks to gentle stretching and rest. It is not 100% though, and so I changed the task ahead of me a bit. I did not do intervals. I did run for about 50 minutes. The only way to fit this run in was to do it while I was at work, and then stay late while the kid listened to an audiobook on my iPod. Loving the temporary gig DH picked up here lately. Luckily, the plan worked as designed. I walked to warm up and cool down for 3 minutes on either end of the workout, and I jogged the rest of it. I focused on my form, and did not push my leg, because I didn't want any setbacks this close to the race. Going uphill did not hurt much, but downhill was still pretty sore. I plan to keep up the stretching tonight and tomorrow, which is scheduled as a rest day. Then I'll be doing some sort of workout on Saturday morning. Either the scheduled bike-run brick, or I may cram a mini-tri in on Saturday. We shall see.

June 29th workout

I had a 45 minute swim, followed by a 45 minute run on my schedule for this workout. I rearranged DH and the kid's schedules to make this work. Unfortunately, I seem to have strained my right hip flexor on Monday, and I was not able to do all of the workout. I stretched for about half an hour before I started the swim. The lake was nice and cool, and it felt good once I got used to it. I swam for about 35 minutes, with DH monitoring my progress, because he was worried about the sore hip. Then I went on the run, which I capped at 20 minutes. It hurt a lot going uphill, and it was excruciating going downhill. I gave my muscles the idea of the brick, and then I gave them a break.

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