Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Finally, a great brick, and a breakfast invitation

I received an email invitation today for the survivors breakfast the morning of the expo. It starts at 8, and based on a prior year's breakfast, I believe there is an actual program that starts then. Boy was my face red when I wandered into the first breakfast late - I thought it was more along the lines of an open house reception, as opposed to a fancy sit-down deal. They were very nice about my late appearance, but I don't plan to be late like that again.

July 5th workout

I wanted to do a 30 minute swim (I'm in the "taper" week!), but on this day there was a pretty good wind, and waves that slapped me with a mouthful of water every other breath or so. The current was also pretty strong against me as I swam out. I turned around much earlier than I had originally planned, and the current pushed me home rather easily. All told, I was probably in the water for about 25 minutes. I was winded when I was done though, and I can't imagine facing tougher conditions in the sweet little lake where the race will take place.

I'm feeling pretty good about the swim leg on Sunday. I just haven't quite committed to what I'll wear to swim in. I've got a comfy swim skirt bottom thingie, and I've been swimming in the lake in a jogbra and sleeveless tank. Then I've been pulling on bike pants and changing my wet sleeveless tank for two dry sleeveless tanks for the bike and run legs. The team top may or may not arrive in time for the race, and I'm feeling ambivalent about wearing something I haven't had a chance to practice in. It may come down to how comfortable and cute it is.

July 3rd workout

I had a bike-run brick scheduled for this workout, and it was awesome! I took the bike out on a new route I had not ridden before. There were hills, and for 3 or 4 miles, it was a "rustic road." It was beautiful, and the time just flew by. I may have gotten a little lost, but I just kept turning toward the direction I *thought* home would be, and eventually, I got there. My 45 minute bike turned into a 55 minute ride, but I was very happy with the results.

I did a speedy transition and set off on the run. I was scheduled to go 45 minutes, but I ended up going for more like 35 minutes, to keep on schedule, and to keep from restraining my hip. The run was good, and by the end, I was really psyched up for the race next weekend. I went without the music, which was good practice for race day as well.

I was very happy with how this workout went!

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  1. I just did my first "no-music allowed" workout, it was harder than I thought!